Our Vision

Rizo Lopez Foods, Inc. is a family company that will be the leader in the finest quality Hispanic dairy products as well as the manufacturer of choice for specialty milk-based products and fresh cheeses

Our Mission

Rizo Lopez Foods, Inc. is positioned to be stronger than ever and take the business to new levels of success with its expanding customer base and the collective talent of its employees upholding the customs and traditions the family has held for generations

Our Values

Rizo Lopez Foods, Inc. values:






Rizo Lopez Foods, Inc. will constantly improve the quality of its services, products and operations and will maintain a reputation for integrity, honesty, fairness, respect, responsibility, trust and sound business practices.

Our story

Rizo Lopez Foods, Inc, led by brothers Ivan and Edwin Francisco Rizo, combines Old World recipes from Mexico and Central America with traditional artisan manufacturing techniques and stringent State of California manufacturing standards to create authentic quality cheese that tastes the same now as it did generations ago. Brothers Ivan and Edwin have combined their management and technical expertise to create a solid, well-run company with an outstanding line of products.

Since 1990, Rizo Lopez Foods, Inc. has been manufacturing the finest quality Mexican and Central American cheeses, creams, meats, beverages and desserts under the Don Francisco Brand. With its new branded line, Rizo Bros California Creamery, Rizo Lopez Foods, Inc. is expanding its reach to non-Hispanic consumers by providing recipes and ways to use authentic Hispanic cheeses in a variety of foods.

Rizo Lopez Foods, Inc. uses only the finest ingredients including Grade A milk from California to manufacture its award-winning cheeses that are sold in supermarkets nationwide under its brands, Don Francisco and Rizo Bros California Creamery.

Our Business Impact

For Rizo Lopez Foods, Inc. sustainability means caring about how the relationships of the company with its suppliers, employees, and communities impact the environment. Sustainability means caring about the environments where its consumers enjoy the companys products. Rizo Lopez Foods, Inc. strives to live out its vision, mission and story within the context of its core business, the manufacture and distribution of authentic, finest quality Hispanic and conventional specialty cheeses.

Rizo Lopez Foods, Inc. is committed to reducing the environmental impact of its manufacturing operations by:

  • Reducing the companys carbon footprint by sourcing milk locally
  • Sourcing milk from dairies with grass fed cows and those that minimize water usage and greenhouse gas emissions (biogas digesters)
  • Capturing manufacturing waste, whey, and converting it into material for internal use and for other manufacturers
  • Cleaning wastewater through its internal water treatment facility to keep waste and contaminants out of the municipal wastewater system
  • Reducing inorganic chemical usage by utilizing more organic chemistry to treat wastewater
  • Minimizing the use of water within the facility
  • Recycling cardboard, paper, plastics, and pallets
  • Disposing of fluorescent light bulbs, batteries, electronics, computers, monitors, printers at e-waste facilities
  • Partnering with our employees to promote the use of reusable and biodegradable materials
  • Ensuring the Rizo Lopez Foods, Inc. truck fleet is environmentally friendly by replacing the refrigeration units on newer trucks and replacing older trucks with lower emissions models

Rizo Lopez Foods, Inc. is equally committed to fostering a work environment where employees feel respected and valued.

Rizo Lopez Foods, Inc. is dedicated to developing a working partnership with its employees and recognizes that the companys future success depends on dedicated employees who are committed to the highest standards.

Rizo Lopez Foods, Inc. abides by all US Federal and California State labor laws regarding employment conditions, hiring and workers rights.

Rizo Lopez Foods, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer and does not tolerate any acts of harassment, discrimination or retaliation. Rizo Lopez Foods, Inc.s full Equal Opportunity and Non-Discrimination statements are available at its website: www.donfranciscocheese.com/careers

Our Community

Rizo Lopez Foods, Inc. is dedicated to the education and development of its local communities. When local communities succeed, the collective ability to care for the planet and build a sustainable future grows.

Rizo Lopez Foods, Inc. supports its local communities by:

Offering employees personal, family and financial wellness programs, including annual wellness fairs.
Providing financial and leadership support to the VOLT Institute, San Joaquin Valleys newest trade school offering expedited, fast-paced training for in-demand, high-paying technical careers
Providing employment opportunities to students enrolled in Project YES, Ceres Unified School Districts program designed to help economically disadvantaged youth overcome barriers to achieving academic and personal success, including finding employment
Providing financial and expert support of industry research through the University of California, Davis
Serving on the Boards of local non-profit and higher education institutions, including California State University, Stanislaus
Working with a local non-profit agency so that its employees who are on modified duty, and therefore cannot work in the facility, can temporarily work at local service agencies including Habitat for Humanity and non-profit Thrift Stores

In the broader community, Rizo Lopez Foods, Inc. assists in bringing cultural diversity to the local community through its support of the Gallo Arts Center. Additional support is provided to El Concilio, the largest Latino, community-based, non-profit agency in the Central Valley, which helps people create better futures for themselves and their families.

Our Future

Rizo Lopez Foods, Inc.s owners and Executive Team review the companys Sustainability and Social Responsibility Commitment and Activities at least annually.
Rizo Lopez Foods, Inc.s Management Teams are always considering new ways to reduce the companys collective impact on the environment and to improve the well-being of its employees and community.
Among the ideas under consideration for implementation:

Switching to biodegradable/environmentally friendly packaging
Reducing the use of packaging materials
Reducing food and product waste, energy consumption, water usage, wastewater, etc.
Creating Go Green employee programs and incentives

Winning Formula